Maschine – Naturalis


Maschine – Naturalis attracts some great reviews on the Prog circuit.

Drums recorded and edited at The Park Studios by resident engineer Jim Carmichael

For an in depth look at this session click here

Naturalis “…is the music of angels knocking on our door.” Every fan of prog-rock has to own this little jewel. “Naturalis” is a diamond that will shine for a long time in the hearts of listeners … (United Rock Nations)
“Naturalis is a consistently impressive endeavor not because Maschine reinvents any wheels, but because the quintet utilizes what makes it special to its fullest advantage” 5/5 – Reviewed by Jordan … (Rebel Noise)
“…definitely a force to be reckoned with in the prog community.” I’m always excited when an album completely surprises me, as it doesn’t happen that often anymore.  I was a fan … (The Prog Mind)
Maschine’s “Naturalis” is a refined and sophisticated choice with nary a note wrong that will have you ordering another round in no time. A gem. The problem that often plagues most forms of prog … (Metal Wani)

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