Recording & Session Services


Our superb double height live room makes The Park Studios a very flexible place to record. Coupled with API, Neve & Avalon mic preamps and a huge range of microphones from Neumann to Coles we have it covered. The spacious vocal booth is acoustically ‘dead’, and includes a a video monitor, ‘Punchlight‘ cue system and Yellowtech Mika! mic arm, making it ideal for ADR and voiceover sessions.


At the heart of the studio is a vintage Neotek Elite II Console. This complements our large range of outboard compressors, eq and fx. With monitoring from Genelec and Yamaha, what more do you need.


We offer a mastering service using the most up to date digital and analogue mastering tools, coupled with superb control room acoustics makes this a winning combo.


With the vast cross section of knowledge and skills within our team, The Park Studios has the ability to satisfy most production requests. Please contact us to discuss your project in further depth. We are currently offering great incentives to bring your production to this great environment.

Location Recording

Sometimes recordings need to be captured off site so to cover this eventuality we have various methods of location recording. Still using the same industry standard Pro Tools software and hardware we use in our main studio we can make your recordings happen literally anywhere.

Session Players

Get in touch to discuss your requirements. We have a massive database of amazing musicians that we have worked with over the years. If you have any further requirements during your recording session or wish to pre-book musicians to perform on your tracks then we can easily call the right people for the job. If it’s drums you’re after, The Park Studios has an extremely versatile recording area for drum tracking, and as such we often have drumkits prepped up and ready to record in an instant. One of the services we can offer clients comes in the form of tailored drum tracks recorded by our resident session drummer and percussionist Jim Carmichael.

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